People with leprosy are strong, courageous and ready to rebuild their lives – but the stigma that follows this disease silences their battle cries for change. effect:hope is working to ensure these men and women are given the proper chance to bring light to the challenges faced by those with leprosy and the solutions needed to overcome.

GERMANY: In 2015 effect:hope continued to raise awareness about NTDs and the ways in which they impact the lives of people living with these diseases. As a result of the partnerships we have developed and our methods for responding to the needs of the communities we serve, effect:hope has been able to secure a significant investment in NTDs by the Canadian government.

We have also ensured that NTDs are on the agenda at high level meetings including the G7 where NTDs were bought to the forefront, supported by Canada, and a commitment was made to increase focus and investment on understanding and combating these diseases.

Through the support achieved at the G7, effect:hope has been instrumental in mobilizing more than 20 other Canadian organizations to support action in the fight against NTDs.